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We connect millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

PAKMADES is an exclusive platform that offers convenient buying and selling services. Vendors and Retailers could easily sell and purchase “Made in Pakistan” products at affordable rates. To overcome the challenges of e-commerce, the company has established a well-organized mechanism that automates the whole process. These mechanisms are going to provide an unprecedented level of convenience to dealers. Through our platform, we have proudly removed the middleman, who used to raise hurdles and the price of the Pakistani products. We are aiming to make possible direct dealing between manufacturers and buyers.

PAKMADES is also proud to declare that by removing middlemen, a rightful profit is directly provided to the manufacturers, especially to the entrepreneurs. Additionally, We offer the vendors the opportunity to list their products free of cost.
Such ambitious steps will uncover countless opportunities for traders. Small businesses could specially gain profit by using PakMades. There is no lack of talent and resources in Pakistan, all that is needed are the opportunities for businesses to boom. There are several small-scale businesses that either cannot flourish or sustain due to a lack of platforms such as this. PAKMADES has rightfully filled this gap by offering a stage for all types of vendors and retailers.

Connecting businessmen and entrepreneurs is the aim of PAKMADES by spreading awareness about Pakistani made products. The company offers a huge potential for the uplift of the economy of Pakistan and support struggling businesses. Economic benefits and opportunities are guaranteed while conducting trading through the well-developed platform of PakMades. We are not only going to give access to local businesses but to the international market as well. Vendors can offer their “Made in Pakistan” products to buyers with amazing deals and packages

Our Mission

We have set an ambitious mission to make it easy for manufacturers and buyers to conduct direct business regarding Made in Pakistan products. We achieve this undertaking by offering the platform of PAK MADES for direct dealings without charging any commission.

Our Vission

We have envisioned PAK MADES as a successful e-commerce platform providing access to millions of vendors locally and internationally. We will be exploiting the fruits of e-commerce anywhere, anytime and spread awareness about high-end Pakistani products.


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